Your first SEO Competitor is GOOGLE

Your first competitor in SEO is #google.

When working on an #SEO Project, don’t jump to analysing using SEMrush immediately after getting a project.
Do not work on preparing audits via tools.
Do not try to convince the client.
Do not give false promises in order to get the project.

Talk/chat with the customer and see if he can wait for 6 to 8 months atleast to see results. This is your first priority.

Make him understand that, He will get “n” number of junk spam emails giving false promises that he will gain ranking instantly.
Make him understand that there is something called as “Black hat” spam. For that you must first understand what is “Blackhat” SEO. I would suggest you to become a #blackhat SEO before accepting SEO projects.

Understand the product he is offering. If it is a “metoo” product and tough SEO project for his 500$ onetime or monthly budget with unrealistic Keywords, try to make him understand that.

#SEO is ofcourse complex with #google spamming its own website with many ads giving bad user experience on Mobile. But we cant do anything against this and have to accept and try alternative ideas on #SEO.

Always understand that “Your first competitor in SEO is #google” .


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